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Baumhakl Malerei Georg Baumhakl
Goldammerweg 15
35452 Heuchelheim
Tel.: +49(0)641-61476

The contradictions of his subjects could not be greater.

What unites them is the unique mood of their realistic appearance.

Here the natural, the untouched. On the other hand technology, creations by human mind and hands. Here the moment, the aesthetics of light movement. There the short moment of powerful dynamics. The differences could not be any more dramatic.

The variety of genres in which the artist moves securely is unusual: landscapes, portraits and animal paintings face automotive racing. And here he is among the best known in the country.

Whether hunting foxes, fleeing deer, dynamic rally scenes or idyllic riverscape, Baumhakl is fascinated by the realistic depiction of things. He bestows his very own mood to any genre. There are contrasts appearing so clearly at first sight, which at once dissolve.

Georg Baumhakl was born in 1948 in Kraftsolms (Hesse, Germany). Today he lives and works in Heuchelheim near Giessen. In his early childhood during a craft apprenticeship, he started with drawing and water colors. At the beginning of the 1960s he was dedicated to oil painting.
Meeting the Greek-German landscape and portrait painter George Demetriades (1899-1979) had a substantial influence on him. Demetriades’ landscape paintings are considered the pictorial expression of silence. Among others his masterful portraits of former Chancellor Willy Brandt, Herbert Wehner and Franz-Josef Röder characterized him as the portraitist of the former Federal Republic of Germany. *.

More creative impulses followed in the early 1990s by the internationally renowned animal painter Professor Manfred Schatz (1925-2009) from Düsseldorf. He drew the attention of his student on the movement of wild animals and the three-dimensionality of the portrayal.

* Source: Dr. Petersen on the occasion of the Memorial Exhibition dedicated to the artist in the Congress Hall of Giessen 1982/MAZ March 15, 1979


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